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A History of Honaker Funeral Home

About 1928, Honaker Funeral Home was founded by Mr. Charles Worley. He operated the funeral home from the second floor of his hardware store located in the building presently occupied by Wallace Furniture and Hardware.

In the 1930’s, the funeral home was purchased by Mr. Ryland Musick, Mr. Guy Finney and Mr. Fred Gent. These three gentlemen continued to operate the firm from the second floor of the hardware store.            

In the 1930’s and early 1940’s, Mr. Fred Gent became the sole owner of the funeral home.              

In 1948, the funeral home was relocated to a two-story residence next door to the hardware store.              

1949 was the year of Mr. Fred Gent’s death, after which the firm was operated by his two eldest sons, R. Walter Gent and Rush F. Gent. A third son, C.H. “Bud” Gent joined his two brothers upon completion of his education.              

In 1965, the Gent Brothers were joined by R.D. “Bob” Bennett and his wife, Fredia, in the operation of the firm.             

In 1966, the funeral home was relocated to a new steel building just east of Honaker on State Route 80. The new location provided much more space and ample parking.              

In 1987, a brick exterior was added to the building; in addition, a large front portico was built to improve parking accommodations for families.             

In 1993, Kim McGlothlin Harris joined the firm.         

In 1997, the building was remodeled and refurbished, moving the Casket Selection Room to the former living quarters upstairs, making room for an additional large visitation room.

2000 marked a significant change at Honaker Funeral Home. The funeral home was purchased by Bennett & Harris, LLC, a company owned by R.D. “Bob”

Bennett, Fredia H. Bennett and Kim McGlothlin Harris.  

On April 2, 2009, Robert Donald Bennett passed away leaving behind a legacy of hard work and dedication to this firm.

Our staff today, consisting of Kim McGlothlin Harris, Ashlee Belcher Cook, Joshua Combs, David Harris, Donald Wampler, Kirby Meadows and Steve Miller,

is as committed and dedicated as ever to continuing that legacy and

assisting the families that need our services.